Visting Uganda

This past March, Beverley and Janet visited the Lacan Kwite Group members in Uganda to teach more design classes and check on the progress of the group. The group is doing very well and all of the members were excited and eager to see Beverley and Janet.  While there, we are pleased to announce that Christina Bai gave birth to a daughter and Godfrey and his Wife welcomed a new baby to their family. Beverley and Janet are so pleased with the work the group is doing and they are so excited for the future of their designs and new creations.  

“It was wonderful to see the Lacan Kwite Members again. This was our 5th visit and training session since 2010. They have evolved into competent artisans with ideas and creations of their own. They are designers. They show their appreciation to us with their songs and dances and exuberant Acholi screams.
Goodbyes are always tearful but they are full of anticipation for the future orders of their unique jewelry.”
- Beverley Smith